Carling the Spider (VIC-20)

Carling the Spider

 Psytronik Software proudly presents CARLING THE SPIDER - our very first VIC-20 release! This is a multi-screen platform game featuring a little spider called Carling. Your mission is to collect all the shiny diamonds on each screen while avoiding deadly spikes and marauding BALLS OF STEEL! Once you have collected all the diamonds you must head to the exit in order to reach the next level. 

Carling the Spider 


Spiders like dark places, and Carling The Spider was no different. In fact, he was very proud of the vast abandoned mine he called home, and had lived there happily for many years, undisturbed. With that in mind, imagine his surprise when he awoke one morning (or evening, it's difficult to tell when you live underground) to find his home had been transformed into a high security diamond vault, littered with traps and guarded by the ominous automated BALLS OF STEEL! 

Carling knew the only way to return his home to darkness would be to shut down the security system by stealing every last glittering diamond from each room in the vault. But with the BALLS OF STEEL getting faster and increasing in numbers with every room looted, this was never going to be an easy task... 

Carling the Spider 


· Runs on an unexpanded 5K VIC-20! 

· Excellent 'Chuckie Egg' style gameplay. 

· 8 screens to explore filled with traps and treasure. 

· Cover artwork designed by Trevor 'Smila' Storey. 

· Disk includes both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game! 

Carling the Spider 


Coding, graphics and music by Joe 'Polygon' Dixon 

Cover artwork by Trevor 'Smila' Storey 

Packaging by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie 

Carling the Spider 

Micro Mart
"A simple, fun and challenging game for all ages"
7/10 (Micro Mart)