Battle Kingdom (C64)

Outrage (C64)
Psytronik Software in association with ICON 64 proudly present BATTLE KINGDOM - An exciting new C64 action adventure game! Travel back to the days of yore and do battle in a kingdom besieged by mighty dragons and other dark forces.
"hic sunt dracones"

Battle Kingdom (C64) 

BATTLE KINGDOM will be available to buy as a COLLECTOR' S EDITION in a stunning full colour printed glossy box that contains the C64 game on 5.25" floppy disk with fantastic artwork by Trevor Storey. A Premium+ disk edition and Budget disk version of the game will also be available along with tape versions of the game. 

[Additional BATTLE KINGDOM items will also be available to buy separately].

Battle Kingdom (C64)  

 ** STORY ** 
Can Sir Bob help the hapless townspeople who's normally tranquil kingdom has been overrun by evil wraiths, undead souls, savage beasts and evil dragons!
Your quest is to explore the kingdom, enter buildings, dispatch the evil minions that lurk inside and then you will be rewarded either with an item of treasure, arrows to boost your ammo or a piece of the Master Sword.
Once you have all the Master Sword pieces you will be able to enter the castle and do battle with the dragon. If you manage to dispatch this fiend then you will rescue the princess!
Battle Kingdom (C64) 

· Detailed hi-res sprites
· 8 princesses to rescue
· Boss battles!
· Atmospheric soundtracks
· PAL and NTSC compatible
Battle Kingdom (C64) 

** CREDITS ** 

Game concept & design: Trevor Storey
Graphics & box art: Trevor Storey
Game code: Achim Volkers
Music: Saul Cross
Additional packaging design: Kenz
Battle Kingdom (C64)
Outrage (C64)