P0 Snake (C64)

The game that took the RGCD cartridge competition by storm is now also available from Psytronik Software! P0 Snake features 30 levels that you must negotiate using a very novel one-button control system. 


The Premium Plus disk version of P0 SNAKE is presented in a clear plastic case featuring professionally printed full colour artwork. The floppy disk is presented in a glossy disk sleeve with full colour label. 


P0 SNAKE is a super simple game to play - it requires just one button! 

Your snake naturally rotates clockwise, holding the fire button rotates it anti-clockwise. Depressing fire for just the right amount of time will allow you to move your snake around the screen - sounds tricky but you will soon master it! The length of your snake increases during play - so be careful not to eat your own tail! Collect an allotted number of dots to complete each level and watch out for obstacles and enemies along the way! 



• 30 levels to negotiate! 

• Digitised speech! 

• Gorgeous hi-res graphics! 

• Slick presentation! 

• Classic coin-op cameos! 



Antonio Savona - Code/Graphics/Concept 

Aldo Chiummo - Music 

Ilkka Sjöstedt - Loading Screen 

Steve Day - Packaging Artwork 

Jason Mackenzie - Disk / Tape Packaging 

James Monkman - Manual 

Antonello Molella - Testing