This page features links to Psytronik related pages along with various websites that we recommend you visit.

RGCD - Retro game development & publishing!

Revival Retro - The Fantasy Art Of Oliver Frey

The Art Of Trevor Storey
The Art of Trevor Storey

Fusion Retro BooksFusion Retro Books - Publishers of a superb selection of retro-themed books!

Alf Yngve's Cheesy Cake Shop

Alf Yngve's Cheesy Cake Shop - Buy goodies featuring superb artwork by Alf here!

Protovision Protovision - Creating new games & hardware for the Commodore 64!

 The Wild Bunch
The Wild Bunch - The official site for the C64 conversion by Jon Wells


Oldschool Gaming - Reviewing new games for classic computers

 Commodore Free
Commodore Free - The FREE downloadable Commodore mag!

Retroaction - The Digital Action Retro Magazine is here!

Return Magazine

Return Magazine - Excellent German 8-Bit Magazine!

 Throwback Games

 Throwback Games - Superb new game developer for the C64!

  Alf Yngve - The A.R.Yngve Homepage 

Warren Pilkington - Zaw Towers 

Richard Bayliss - TND (The New Dimension) 

Frank Gasking - Games That Weren't