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The Retro Games News
Interview with Kenz / Psytronik

Guns 'n' Ghosts
Retro Video Gamer Guns 'n' Ghosts Review 
 Guns 'n' Ghosts Review (Retro Video Gamer)
Retro Video Gamer Guns 'n' Ghosts Review 
 Soulless Review (Retro Gaming Times)
 Retro Gamer Soulless ReviewRetro Gamer Homebrew Heroes
Retro Gamer Soulless Review + Homebrew Heroes Soulless Feature
 Zzap! (Italy) Review (Italian)Zzap! (Italy) Review (English)
Zzap! (Italy) Soulless Review (Original Italian + Google Translated English versions)

Retro Gamer SEUDS 2 ReviewRGCD Oracle III Review
Retro Gamer SEUDS 2 Review + RGCD Oracle III Review

 REVIEWS / FEATURES 2008 - 2011
Sub Hunter Logo
Sub Hunter (Amstrad CPC)
Sub Hunter CPC Review (Classic Replay) 
Sub Hunter CPC Review (Classic Replay)

1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (C64)
1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs Review (Spanish)1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs Review (English)
 Retro Maniac 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs Review (Spanish + English)
1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs Review (Spanish)1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs Review (Armchair Arcade)
 Retro Maniac 1,000 KFM review in issue #2 + Armchair Arcade feature.

Armalyte Logo
Armalyte (PC Version)
Armalyte PC ReviewArmalyte PC Review
Read the excellent Armalyte PC review in Retroaction issue #4! Review Retro Gamer Review (Review) + Retro Gamer (Review)
Game Set    Watch Just One More   Game (Interview)
Just One More Game (Review + Interview with S-A-S Design)  feature
Gamer.No Feature (Norwegian + English)
 Game Set    WatchRock, Paper, Shotgun
Game Set Watch (Feature) + Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Feature)

Realms of Quest
Realms of Quest  PreviewRoQ news   snippet
 Micro Mart (Realms of Quest preview) + Retro Gamer (news snippet) 

 Wanted:The Wild Bunch
Retro Gamer Wild Bunch ReviewMicro Mart Wild Bunch Review
Retro Gamer + Micro Mart (Wild Bunch reviews)
 Micro Mart Wild Bunch feature
 Micro Mart (Wild Bunch feature)

The Last Amazon Trilogy Last Amazon Last Amazon Review Last Amazon Reviews (Norwegian + English)
Just One More  Game Last Amazon ReviewLast Amazon  Review
Just One More Game + Micro Mart Last Amazon Reviews
Last Amazon Trilogy Review
 Retro Gamer Last Amazon Review

Knight 'n' Grail Logo
Knight 'n' Grail (C64)
Retroaction review
  Retroaction Knight 'n' Grail Review (issue 3)
Return Magazine 
Return Magazine Knight 'n' Grail review (German)
Retro Gamer Review + Ready64 Mikael Tillander interview
1up.comGame Set Watch Blog Feature + Game Set Watch (Blog Feature)
Gamer.No Gamer.No
Gamer.No (Norwegian review + English translation) 
Knight 'n' Grail Preview Knight 'n' Grail Review
 Micro Mart (Knight 'n' Grail preview + review)

Escape From Arth (C64)
The Independent (Feature) 
 System-Log (Escape From Arth review) 

The Independent
The Independent (Feature) 
 The Independent (New wave of retro gaming feature)


Retro Gamer 
Homebrew Heroes Feature (Page 1) Homebrew Heroes Feature (Page 2)
Retro Gamer Homebrew Heroes Psytronik Software Feature 
 Mayhem in Monsterland ReviewEscape from Arth Review
Retro Gamer Mayhem in Monsterland & Escape From Arth Reviews
Sceptre Of Baghdad ReviewSub Hunter Review
 Retro Gamer Sceptre Of Baghdad & Sub Hunter Sizzling Reviews


 Retroaction Magazine
Sub Hunter ReviewSub Hunter Review
  Retroaction Sub Hunter Review

 C & A Games
Sub Hunter ReviewSub Hunter Review
  C & A Games Sub Hunter Review (Poland)

Micro Mart


Micro Mart AwardsMicro Mart Misc
Micro Mart 2008 Awards + Psytronik Previews
Creatures ReviewCarling Review
Micro Mart Creatures & Carling the Spider Review
 Mayhem PreviewMayhem Review
Micro Mart Mayhem in Monsterland preview + review
Sub Hunter Preview Sub Hunter Review
Micro Mart Sub Hunter preview + review
 Psytronik FeatureSceptre Of Baghdad Review
Micro Mart Psytronik feature + Sceptre Of Baghdad Review 

Gamer.No Logo 
 Psytronik Feature (Norwegian)Psytronik Feature (English Translation)
Gamer.No Psytronik feature (Norwegian version + English translation)

1993 - 1995
 Commodore Force Logo
Sceptre Review #1 Sceptre Review #2
Sceptre of Baghdad Review (Commodore Force)

Commodore Format Logo
CF Snippets CF Feature
Sceptre of Baghdad News Items (Commodore Format)
Archetype Review Page 1 (CF)Archetype Review Page 2 (CF)
Archetype & Cops 3 Review (Commodore Format) 
 SEUDS Corner (Page 1)SEUDS Corner (Page 2)
SEUDs Review (Commodore Format)  
Psytronik Feature (Page 1) Psytronik Feature (Page 2)
Psytronik Software Feature (Commodore Format)
CF Snippets Forthcoming Attractions (CF)
Psytronik Software Previews (Commodore Format) 
SEUDs Advert
SEUDs Advert (As seen in CZone) 
Sceptre of Baghdad Advert 
Sceptre Of Baghdad Advert
(As seen in Commodore Format)  

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Sceptre of Baghdad