Robot 1 in ... THE SHIP OF DOOM

Ship Of Doom (ZX Spectrum)

To celebrate 35 years since the launch of the ZX Spectrum Psytronik Software are proud to present their very first release for the ZX Spectrum - Robot 1 in ... THE SHIP OF DOOM!  The game has been produced by Mat Recardo (who also produced the superb rendered artwork for various Psytronik releases in the past including Platman Worlds & Escape from Arth etc.)  Mat has put together a great release for the Speccy that features lots of rooms to explore, nicely detailed graphics and a catchy AY soundtrack (128K only).

Ship Of Doom (ZX Spectrum)

** STORY ** 

The ship is doomed. The crew have gone. They left you behind. I mean after all, you are just a low ranking service robot. The clock is ticking....     In five minutes the ship and everything in it will plunge into the nearby sun.
Your mission is to locate all four teleport keys which are scattered about the ship to reactivate the teleporter and get to safety.
Your batteries have a limited supply and so you will need to recharge at the wall sockets found throughout the ship.
You might as well gather up as many of the smaller data keys too, they may come in handy. If you run out of time, you die. If you run out of batteries, you die. Don't die!
Ship Of Doom (ZX Spectrum)

• Loads of screens to explore
• Cute main character
• Detailed backgrounds + animated sprites
• Catchy AY tune (128K only)

Ship Of Doom (ZX Spectrum) 


Game produced by Mat Recardo
AY music by Sergey Kosov
Packaging by Mat Recardo & Kenz
Ship Of Doom (ZX Spectrum)