Robot 1 in ... THE PLANET OF DEATH


Psytronik Software proudly present their third release for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Robot 1 in ... THE PLANET OF DEATH! Mat Recardo has produced this thrilling sequel to his original game Robot 1 in ... THE SHIP OF DOOM! In this game Robot 1 has a much larger world to explore, characters to interact with, baddies to avoid and puzzles to solve.


** STORY ** 

After teleporting off the SHIP OF DOOM just in time, Robot 1 now finds himself stranded on THE PLANET OF DEATH! Help him escape by exploring this new environment, discover what secrets it holds, interact with the local biologicals and try survive long enough to get a rescue message home.

• Loads of screens to explore
• Cute main character
• Character interaction
• Detailed backgrounds + animated sprites
• Catchy AY tune (128K only)
• Runs on 48K or 128K Spectrum
 • Includes enhanced ULAplus version


Game produced by Mat Recardo
AY music by Sergey Kosov
Packaging by Mat Recardo & Kenz