The Age of Heroes (C64)

Age of Heroes (C64)


Return to the days of high adventure in THE AGE OF HEROES, a fantastic arcade fantasy epic from the team that brought you the acclaimed C64 sci-fi hit release Organism.  Choose your warrior from the title screen and then hack and slay your way through over a dozen exquisitely detailed landscapes, slaying assorted beasts and monsters that confront you during your quest to defeat an ancient evil that has returned to your lands.

Age of Heroes (C64)

THE AGE OF HEROES is NOW AVAILABLE to order from Psytronik Software in standard cassette format, a special clamshell tape edition (limited to 50 copies), budget C64 disk, premium+ C64 disk and as a special Collector's Edition box set featuring the game on disk, soundtrack CD, artwork poster, keyring, badge, stickers + more!

Age of Heroes (C64)  
 • Stunning presentation
• Epic boss battles
• 15 lands to fight through
• Atmospheric soundtracks
• Bonus music demo

Age of Heroes (C64) 

** CREDITS ** 

Programmed by Achim Volkers
Graphics & Design by Trevor 'Smila' Storey
Music & SFX by Saul Cross
Packaging artwork by Trevor 'Smila' Storey
Additional packaging design by Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie
Published by Psytronik Software
Age of Heroes (C64)