1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (C64)


1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs
A brand new release from the mind of game design master Alf Yngve is now available for the Commodore 64.  1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs is a sideways scrolling action game featuring multiple levels of kick-ass Ninja ACTION!  Take control of the Master of Awesome on his quest to find a stolen toy robot in the Ninja riddled city of Blapsville.  Fight your way through various locations including the Blapsville Ninja Country Club, Lawyer Street in downtown Blapsville, Clown Street - where you will find the dreaded Mime University ('sworn to evil'), McTerror Restaurant (do you want fries with that?), Miller Street (watch out for Ninjas hiding in the shadows) and TV Street (where Pox Studios is located) - and prepare yourself for an epic Boss showdown at the end of the game!
1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs


You've heard of Karate, Kickboxing, Judo, Ultimate Fighting, Soccer Fan.  But few have heard of the ART OF AWESOME ...  Or its supreme champion, the MASTER OF AWESOME.  We could go into the details of awesome, and how the master gained his rank by defeating the LORD OF THE BLAND in an epic showdown ...  But frankly there is not enough time for all that.  So let's get on with the plot.  Ahem!

1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs

One sunny day, the Master of Awesome was on a walkabout, in his quest for the world's most dangerous banana peel, when he came upon a crying child ...  "Waaah!!  The mean boys from Blapsville stole my toy robot!!  Can you please, pleease help me get it back mister!" And the Master of Awesome, being devoted to helping the weak and downtrodden, said to the kid: "Don't be sad, kid, I'll bring back your toy, even if I have to search the entire city to find it.  What's your name by the way?" "I'm Melvin.  Melvin Podznofsky."  And so, the Master of Awesome walks into the city of Blapsville to find Melvin's toy robot.

1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs

BLAPSVILLE, POP. 10,001, home of the World's highest per-capita concentration of Ninjas and evil martial art schools, about 94 percent.  Undeterred by the "VAGRANTS ARE SHOT ON SIGHT" signpost, the Master of Awesome crossed the city limits and entered Blapsville county.  He had barely finished asking a group of Ninjas:  "Excuse me, have you by any chance seen a toy ro ..."  Then he got attacked.  Thus began a day of violence, pain, misery, suffering and of course, destruction which makes a smashing computer game ...  Or does it?

1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs


Game design, GFX + SFX by Alf 'Master of Awesome' Yngve.

Music by Jon 'Master of Audio' Wells.

Enhancements by Richard 'Master of Magic' Bayliss.

Packaging by Jason 'Master of the Universe' Mackenzie.


1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs


Awesome weapon power-ups!

Multiple levels to battle through!

Fantastic soundtracks by Jon Wells!

Detailed background graphics!

Wacky Ninja battle action FUN!

Mega-Boss Battle!

1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs
[358kb .ZIP file containing .TAP + .D64 versions]