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Welcome to Psytronik Software - the software label devoted to releasing new games for classic computer systems! We pride ourselves on publishing quality releases for retro computer systems presented in high quality packaging. There are now over 80 titles available including the epic C64 game Knight 'n' Grail, the excellent game Sub Hunter (voted 2008 game of the year for the C64 by Micro Mart) which is available for the C64 + Amstrad CPC, C64 classics like Sceptre of Baghdad and Escape from Arth from Jon Wells, superb games from Alf Yngve like the Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set and Kung Fu Maniacs trilogies, the slick C64 releases Soulless and Darkness (featuring graphics and amazing packaging designed by Trevor 'Smila' Storey) and many more! These titles are available now and there's plenty more great releases in the pipeline!

Psytronik tape range

We don't just cater for the C64 either! Vic-20 fans can now enjoy the Chuckie Egg style adventures of Carling the Spider along with the awesome Realms of Quest dungeon crawlers, C16 + Plus/4 users can enjoy the slick arcade adventure Adventures in Time along with the superb new scrolling adventure Majesty of Sprites, there's a trio of great shoot 'em ups available for Amstrad CPC gamers (Sub Hunter, Dead on Time and Relentless) and we even cater for PC gamers with three great games currently available - Armalyte (a stunning conversion of the C64 classic), AutoCross Racing (a hugely fun top-down racing game) and Zytron 2 (a fantastic shoot 'em up with retro-styled visuals and stunning techno soundtracks).

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Psytronik Software website!

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