Outrage (C64)

Outrage (C64)
Psytronik Software in association with Protovision are proud to present OUTRAGE - A C64 game by Cosmos Designs - 30 years in the making!

Outrage (C64) 

OUTRAGE can now be ordered as a COLLECTOR' S EDITION in a stunning full colour printed glossy box that contains the C64 game on 5.25" floppy disk with fantastic artwork by Trevor Storey. Premium+ and budget disk editions of the game are also available. 

[Additional OUTRAGE items will also be available to buy separately].

 [A cartridge + disk version is also available from Protovision]

Outrage (C64)  

The coding of Outrage was originally started in 1990 by Bernd Buchegger. An alpha version of the game was completed in 1992. The game was submitted to a game competition run by BOEDER & 64'er and was selected as a winner! The prize included a publishing contract for the game. Sadly this was not to be as BOEDER ceased publishing for the C64 soon after.
In 2001 the game code was resurrected and in 2005 a release was planned by Protovision. The release didn't happen at the time as more work was required to bug-fix & fine-tune the game. Thanks to the hard work of the ever-expanding Outrage team the extra work required to complete the game was carried out in 2018 & 2019.
And now in 2020 Psytronik & Protovision are pleased to present beautifully packaged versions of the game for the C64!
[A more detailed history of the game is available HERE].
Outrage (C64) 

· 5 levels fully packed with finest arcade action
· Each level with a monstruous end boss
· A shop to buy ammunition, smartbombs and more
· Colorful graphics, animations and special effects
· Beautifully crafted SID in-game music and sfx 
· PAL and NTSC compatible
Outrage (C64) 

** CREDITS ** 

Game concept & code: Bernd Buchegger
Graphics: Bernd Buchegger
Original title + doc music: Karl Sommer
In-game music and sfx: Roy Widding
Loading picture: Steve Day
Loader system: Lasse Öörni 
Packaging Artwork: Trevor Storey
Additional packaging design: Kenz
Outrage (C64)
Outrage (C64)
Note: This game is also available to order from our friends at Protovision. [Click HERE for details!]